The Dvorak Keyboard Layout


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Why Use Dvorak?
We are talking about the Dvorak keyboard layout. However, there is no point in installing a different keyboard layout if you are not going to use it. If you have already made up your mind and want to get straight on with installing feel free to skip to the relevant section. The standard reasons cited for using Dvorak are:

  • Dvorak was designed with speed in mind.
  • Qwerty was designed to slow typists down to avoid collisions.
  • You get less RSI using Dvorak.

As far as I can tell, it is an urban legend that Qwerty was designed to slow typists. Dvorak was definitely designed however with the idea of minimising finger motion when typing English text. There have been studies done on this (potentially biased as it is a site for the Dvorak keyboard, but it looks fair). The most commonly used letters are all on the home row.

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Using PSfrag with pdfLaTeX


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The Problem:
You want to include graphs with beautifully formatted labels, this is achieved by using PSfrag and EPS files. However, you also want the ease and features from using pdflatex. Unfortunately pdflatex does not natively support postscript, which includes both PSfrag and the EPS format.

If you are unaware of PSfrag and what it does, I suggest looking at its page on wikipedia, CTAN (Comprehensive Tex Archive Network) or the documentation pdf. This is also related to the PSTricks package which can be used in the same way.

The Solution I Use:
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Welcome to my blog


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Hello and welcome to my blog.
This is mostly how-to articles on Linux, LaTeX and other computer topics. I use Arch Linux with the KDE desktop daily, and use LaTeX for any documents I need to write. Along the way I have picked up many things about how to use them effectively. It will also include anything else that I am interested in or want to comment about.

I hope you find my posts useful.
However, all advice given anywhere on this blog is provided without any warranty. It is eminently sensible to verify everything before making changes to your computer.